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Finding your way around How the site was built Images

Finding your way around

This site is styled to mimic the Wymondham College Remembered web site. All the same navigation is used but some of the page properties adjusted to suit my own editing style and also to utilize style sheets.

All links are in white bold text. In Internet Explorer (not Netscape), these will change colour when your mouse pointer 'hovers' above the link text. If the link text turns red then it is a link to another page on this site. If the link text turns blue then it is a link to a page on the Wymondham College Remembered web site. If the link text turns black then it is a link to a page on another web site. The same effect applies to thumbnail pictures that are linked to more detailed pictures.

To keep navigation of the site as simple and uncluttered as possible, the main Contents List is used as an anchor. At the top and bottom of every page, links are provided to allow return to either the Contents List, or the next higher level. Long pages will have links to the top of that page. If you have difficulty, or encounter 'duff' links, please let me know and I'll try and help you out.


How this site was built

This site was created in the raw. WYSIWYG editors are not for me so I use text editors like Web Factory Site Builder or Programmer's File Editor to create the HTML code for each page directly. This also allows me to utilized Javascript if needed.

The pictures were scanned using a Hewlett-Packard 4C desktop scanner into Corel Photo-Paint and saved in compressed JPEG format. Those pictures that were too large to fit in the scanner in one piece were scanned as multiple picture sections and the stitched together using PhotoVista.

All pages where checked with Internet Explorer and Netscape before uploading, to check for consistency as Internet Explorer and Netscape behave differently in certain circumstances.



Images are scaled for on-screen display (typically 72 dots per inch), and are compressed to reduce loading time, so there has had to be a trade-off as regards quality. If you feature in any photo, and would like a more detailed image suitable for printing, please get in touch.

In cases where unacceptable loss of detail would occur, thumbnail pictures have been used as a link. By clicking on thumbnails, larger images will be opened (together with notes on content), but these may take a minute or so to download as the files are up to 70KB in size.

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